09.04: An EU Delegation visited CRM Group (BE)

On April 9th, 2024, CRM Group hosted a dissemination event of Mutual Learning Exercise (MLE) on Industrial Decarbonisation as part of the Belgian Presidency of the Council of European Union. This event, part of which was held at the CRM Group, was organized in collaboration between Service public de Wallonie, the Cluster TWEED, the Belgian Hydrogen Council, and e-WallonHY and brought together approximately 80 attendees from European institutions, regions and the industrial world. 

The process industry, being the backbone of many value chains, faces the crucial challenge of decarbonization. To address this, the MLE on Industrial Decarbonisation was launched in April 2023, aiming to facilitate knowledge exchange, guide policymakers, and mobilize investments in low-carbon technologies. Twelve European countries, including Belgium, committed to participating in this initiative.

We organized at CRM a focused guided tour of our installations, followed by two insightful conferences on Industrial Decarbonization and Green Hydrogen Decarbonization. Many thanks to our speakers for the quality of their presentations, Ludo Diels, Frédéric Erpicum, Jean-Yves Tilquin, Cédric Brüll , Armand Gering, Catherine archambeau, Jerome d'Agruma and Leboutte Didier. The day concluded with a networking session over drinks.

23.04: Register to the International Symposium on Solid Oxide Cells in Groningen (NL)