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Discover the careers of the future and contribute to the energy transition!

As part of the project called "DEF'Hy", the AFPA, EIT Innoenergy, Pôle emploi, RCO-Le Réseau des Carif-Oref, Adecco Digital France and France Hydrogène have produced a series of videos to raise awareness of the jobs in the hydrogen industry. Thanks to Hydrogen Europe, these French videos now have English subtitles:

Job Profile Nr 1 | Hydrogen energy engineer at SNCF

Delve into hydrogen innovation with Charles Foncin, hydrogen Expert Engineer at SNCF. In this video, Charles shares his daily routine, offering an insight into hydrogen-powered transport. As a key player in the RegieH2 train project in France, he talks about his role in validating design choices, overseeing the ground infrastructure and ensuring hydrogen train performance meets expectations.

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Job Profile Nr 2 - Operations and Maintenance Engineer at Hynamics

In this episode, Timothée Poinssot, a Maintenance Operations Engineer at Hynamics, shares his role in keeping hydrogen stations running smoothly. Focusing on the AuxHYGen station in Auxerre, he discusses his daily tasks and highlights the hands-on training essential for his job.

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Job Profile Nr 3 - Fitter Tutor at HRS

Pierre-Diblé Martin, who works as a fitter-tutor at HRS (Hydrogen Refueling Stations). Working a 4-day week, he assembles sub-assemblies in a vast 10,000 square metre workshop. His job is to ensure that these components fit perfectly into HRS stations around the world. Pierre's expertise spans a range of sectors, from aerospace to energy transition. 

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Job Profile Nr 4 - Maintenance technician at Air Liquide (only available in French)

In this fourth episode, maintenance technician Romuald Pierron tells us about his emergency and preventive maintenance missions on Air Liquide's hydrogen stations.

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Job Profile Nr 5 - Project Manager at McPhy (only available in French)

In this last episode, Klara Vandekerkhove, Project Manager at McPhy, tells us about her role in supervising and monitoring the various phases of an hydrogen project.

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More videos coming soon!