17-27.06.2024: Discover hydrogen through 10 stops in the Greater Region (DE-LU-FR)

As part of the INTERREG North-West Europe ‘Green SKHy’ project, our partners involved in training and employment in the hydrogen sector are joining forces to organise the Hydrogen Tour in the Greater Region over 10 stages. In ten stops in Saarland, Luxembourg and Lorraine, we will be presenting hydrogen to the general public through its challenges and jobs, using educational models and discussions with professionals. Come and find out about training and career opportunities in a sector of the future, through demonstrations and discussions with industry experts! 

Events will include: 

  • An introduction to green hydrogen and the issues involved, through the value chain (production, storage, transport, use); 
  • A visit to the local authority's hydrogen station and a presentation of local projects (MHyRABEL, MOSAHyC, etc.).
  •  From coal to hydrogen’ by Kolping Bildung Deutschland gGmbH or how hydrogen can contribute to the energy transition;
  • Exhibition of hydrogen-powered vehicles (bicycles and utility vehicles) to understand hydrogen mobility and its challenges or introduction 
  • Discover the initial and continuing training courses leading to careers in the hydrogen industry; 
  • Discussions with hydrogen experts.

The 10 stops will take place in Saarland, Luxembourg and Lorraine:

  • 17.06: Jobcenter in Saarlouis, Germany
  • 18.06: Max-Planck-Gymnasium in Saarlouis, Germany
  • 19.06: Berufsorientierungsprogramm by Kolping Bildung Deutschland in Völklingen, Germany
  • 20.06: Universität des Saarlandes, Germany
  • 22. and 23 06: Dillinger Hütte at the City Messe, Germany
  • 24.06: Lycée Emile Metz in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
  • 25.06: Audun-le-Roman, France
  • 26.06: Place de la Victoire, Saint-Avold, France
  • 27.06: Centre national de la formation professionnelle continue of Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
25.06: Le Tour de l'hydrogène en Grande Région fait étape à Audun-le-Roman (FR)